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I’m a Super Type-A techie
turned entrepreneur turned
story-teller……in search of
 greater-good purpose of
my life.
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Living the Best Life!

Living the Best Life!

I’m strong and tough….but not always and not 100% of the time. I may not cry….or think I won’t break from the pressures of life. But someday I too feel overwhelmed. I beat myself up about the mistakes I’ve made. And wonder if I can ever forgive myself for them. Sometimes my mind wants to

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Congratulations. I received the printed review copy of Emma & Friends - Izzy the Bully last week. And it's already been read three times at bedtime. My children enjoyed getting to know Emma and Hazel and Oscar. The colors in the book are very attractive. And the illustrations are so real.  I'm keeping this book but I plan to buy a few more. I hope you ordered a large number of copies cause they're gonna sell out.

Amy D., Michigan

I just loved the printed review copy of Emma & Friends - Izzy the Bully. The book is absolutely beautiful and the story is also very cute. I like how you have chosen an important topic for your first book - bullying faced by so many kids. Congratulations for providing a positive message to the children the world over. I wish you much success. And I look forward to buying a copy or two or three for gift giving.

Mina S., Michigan

Thank you for giving me a sample printed review copy of Emma & Friends - Izzy the Bully. I loved the quality of the paper and the vibrant colors throughout the book. I have many nieces and nephews and I'm going to buy one for each of them. Please let me know when you have the printed copies available.

Meeta S., Michigan

I really enjoyed reviewing the sample printed review copy of Emma & Friends - Izzy the Bully. I read the book to my niece, she’s two years old and she was absolutely fascinated by the colors. I think this book is going to be a hit with children.

Natasha M., Michigan

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