An Eternal Universe?

Is the Universe Eternal? Or was it God who created the universe.

And if there was/is a God, the question becomes, who created God?

For in my religion, Jainism, there is no “creator deity” concept.

This universe is not created nor sustained by anyone; It’s self sustaining, without any base or support.

~Jain Monk

[As much as I get all of Jainism’s teachings – karma, non-violence, and eternal matter flowing in the universe, the no-God concept is difficult to digest. Cause I’m like the still kid who has learned the true reality of Santa but fears the presents will stop coming if he acknowledges it. What if not believing in a “supreme being” brings on unforeseen consequences? But I digress, lol.]

So basically, per Jainism beliefs, the universe

  • is self-existing and eternal with no beginning or end.
  • is filled with self-existing and eternal matter such as the atma (soul), time, space, and motion.
  • has a constant amount of the above-mentioned matter
  • has its own self-regulated cosmic laws (karma)

Number 4 is totally understandable…like when something happen to us and we are thrown for a loop and wonder “why”? That’s the Universe’s self-regulated cosmic law being applied.

[I see you smiling thinking of someone who needs that karmic law being applied, lol.]

In Jainism, it is also believed that godliness is an inherent quality of every atma (soul) and the atma that achieves infinite knowledge, infinite bliss, infinite perception, and infinite power can become paramatma (akin to God).

You, me, & every single one of us has the potential of becoming God

[Yikes….that takes some getting used to, doesn’t it?] 

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