Anitya [Impermanence][Quarantine Day 39]

“Life is like the river, sometimes it sweeps you gently along and sometimes the rapids come out of nowhere.”
~Emma Smith

It sure has been a period of “rapids”.  We’re forced into our homes simply to stay alive. The quarantine period keeps getting extended. And the worst part is that no one – not one doctor, expert, psychic, or astrologer knows when this will all end.

Today is Day 39 of our quarantine during which I’ve not even stepped out onto our porch (’cause it’s so damn cold, lol).
It’s been a wonderful time although I miss my daughter weekly visits and our granddaughter’s weekly stayovers. But our son is home with us and that’s a blessing.

My day is filled with cooking….

reading and writing this blog….

learning new skills (like trying out flower arrangements) 

and exercising, sleeping in, and talking to friends on the phone. It’s a full schedule with no time to be bored, lol.

As I was reviewing some old notes about a “someday soon to be published” book on Jainism, I came upon something interesting that I wanted to share. It is so applicable to the situation we find ourselves in right now.

It’s the concept of Anitya or impermanence. [It’s one of 12 reflections a Jain monk or practitioner must engage in.]

Anitya means nothing is permanent –  everything is in a constant state of change – that all living beings are perishable and all material things in the universe are transitory.

This impermanence applies to everything:

  • our body – which changes with age and disease
  • our relationships with our friends and families
  • our circumstances – with the rise and fall of our wealth, status, and reputation

And that’s why what’s happening in the world right now is also transitory. It’s not here to stay permanently. Sure, it’s taking a damn long minute to leave, but leave it will.

Yes, it’s the most challenging of times and yes, the uncertainty can be and is very stressful for many. But remember, the human race has faced many such calamities, natural disasters, wars, and uncertainties. And we’re still here.

Accept this state of ANITYA/Change. Let go of fear and anxiety. Stay in, use common sense, and remain positive.

The universe will remedy this situation when the time is right.

And while we’re waiting don’t allow stress and anxiety to eat up what can be a beautiful period to rest, relax, and rejuvenate,

Instead, let’s find joy from some of the benefits of this lockdown, such as more family time, time to exercise and get fit, time to cook and eat healthy food (unprocessed foods cause so many diseases), time to learn a new skill or master an existing one (lack of time was a common complaint until now) and “me” time to relax, take a bath, sleep, read, write, or simply chill.

So, stop

  • watching the news
  • passing around messages of the latest death count
  • asking why, when, how long

None of it helps! Instead, it just brings our spirits down.

Anitya or change is the rule, not the exception. Stay focused on the fact that THIS TOO SHALL PASS! And we shall all emerge better and stronger than ever before!

P.S. Even if the world opens up tomorrow, practice social distancing. Cause even with anitya, common sense is what will keep us healthy and alive.

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