Choosing Happiness [Quarantine Day 43]

I have been quarantining with my husband and son since March 16 – that’s the last time we had stepped out of the house to run some errands and buy some groceries. But I’m not living in fear or worry.

Because I know that the night is short and a new (better) dawn is coming.

The first few days felt as if we had been granted an unexpected vacation and we spent our time (wasted really, lol) sleeping in, eating, drinking, and binging on movies/shows.

[Our adult son wasn’t quite as ecstatic, as he was stuck at home during the only extended time-off he’s had since 2016 and the only stress-free time-off he’ll have once he begins his residency in June. But soon he too put on his game face, determined to enjoy his time off under lockdown.] [Our biggest regret is not seeing our daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter, whom we haven’t seen for over a month. Knowing they’re all safe and healthy is what makes the separation bearable.]

And as the lockdown period extended, a routine was established.

We’re night owls so we prefer late mornings and even later nights. Our first meal isn’t until 2 pm and some nights we aren’t done with dinner until almost 10 pm.  We eat brunch and dinner together. The rest of the time we each pursue our own interests and hobbies – cooking / experimenting with new recipes, writing, and reading for me, watching shows & movies for the hubby, and playing video games & watching shows/movies for our son.

I also spend a bit more time on the phone than I used to – making sure to stay even closer in touch with friends and family. And although I cook & bake a lot, all three of us exercise daily and choose to eat healthy meals.

[I only eat once a day but the guys need to be fed more often, lol.]

We drink in moderation but happy hour is a bit more frequent these days.

[I don’t watch or read the news – but get regular updates from the hubby. He used to be glued to the news channel but has now found the “off” button on the remote, lol.]

10 days ago, I also started my vegetable garden – planting fennel, cilantro, garlic, green onions, mint, lettuce, spinach, and holy basil. Some of the seeds have already germinated and I’m hoping to transplant them to larger pots this week. I also started a hydroponics vegetable and herb garden in the kitchen.

Ikea Wine Bottle Holder Hack- growing Lettuce, Garlic, Green Onions, and Red Onions in dollar store beer glasses.

This being a precursor to the indoor hydroponics garden I plan to start this winter.

Green onions growing in water (those are clay pebbles in a hydroponics cup)

Throughout the day, as our paths cross, we three have lively discussions and debates about the daily news briefing, reminisce about vacations and the long-term consequences of this situation on future vacations, and (shake our heads) about the people raising a ruckus about “their rights” rather than about being quarantined and /or maintaining social distancing to stay alive.

We also give gratitude daily for how all that we have – and how blessed we are to have this time together and that our family (and even our extended family) is healthy and safe.

I’m enjoying each day as it comes. It’s as if I had been training for exactly this time – this period of isolation for the past three years. During those three years, my spiritual guru, a person I respect a lot, taught me to learn to do breathing exercises to control my thoughts – to essentially turn the mind off, to enjoy the “thoughtlessness”.  He also taught me the value of spending time alone – in solitude to allow the mind to detach.

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.” ~ George R.R. Martin

The end result of those long, emotional three years is that during this time of turmoil, when everyone else appears to be going stir-crazy, I’m oddly at peace and totally happy being in quarantine – isolated so to speak from the world.

I leave you today then, with these thoughts…

Life will go on, as it has for centuries.

EVERYTHING happens for a reason. And everything happens when it’s supposed to happen. So, when the time is right, everything will once again be right with the world…..and what is coming is better than what is gone.

Just stay in faith and stay positive!

The clouds are leaving and clear skies are coming soon.

P.S. We have a choice every day about how we go through our day – being happy or feeling stressed. I choose happiness!

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