The Mind

Our mind can be utilized, disused, misused, or put to good use. Let me explain the difference between the three…

  • Say we need to go someplace. We use our mind to make the plan for when & how to get there. That’s utilizing the mind.
  • When we fall asleep, our mind also rests. At that time, there is no use for the mind. That’s disusing the mind.
  • When we allow bad and wrong thoughts to run rampant in our mind, that’s misusing the mind.
  • When we think positive and happy thoughts, that’s putting it to good use or powering-up the mind.

The “utilize” and “disuse” concepts are easy to understand. But what’s misuse & good-use?

Well…let me ask you this…..more often than not what do we do with our mind?

  • We constantly engage in wrong and bad thoughts
  • We think about the future or the unknown and WORRY
  • We think of the past and FRET or feel REGRET
  • We ruminate over people and things and circumstances and wonder if we could have done something different

We choose to wear the best clothes, drive the best cars, eat the best foods. When grocery-shopping, we pick out the best vegetables, leaving behind any that don’t look fresh or are rotted. When choosing things to do, we find the ones that give us the most pleasure.

But when it comes to our mind, we’ve invested in its misuse. We focus on the mistakes and painful memories of the past.

You either control your mind or it controls you.

~ Napolean Hill

And just to be clear, no one makes us do this. Nor is it a “weakness” of the mind.

We alone have the power to power-up our brain. Thinking wrong or bad thoughts doesn’t offer any temporary or permanent happiness nor does it offer any satisfaction. So why do we do it?

Misusing the mind means there are no dividends or profits. Just pain! And more pain. But when we put our mind to good use, we gain the power to dissolve a galaxy full of problems.

So let’s TRAIN the mind – through meditation, giving gratitude, and getting in conversation with God

And power-it up already!

Is it still ok to say Happy New Year? Or is there like a cutoff date for when it becomes gauche? 🙂