Volatile Emotions

I’m an emotional individual. Reactive….quick to get happy, and even quicker to get angry.

And so it makes sense that I’m deeply attached to my loved ones.

Interestingly, I’m also completely detached from things. Don’t get me wrong..I like the good life and good things and surrounding myself with beautiful things. But I’m not attached to things. If something breaks or is lost or gone, I don’t dwell on them. Things don’t break my heart. But people…people break my heart.

Lately, I’ve become emotionally volatile…or so so says my son, lol.

I wasn’t laughing when he said that to me. In fact, I reacted with hurt and anger. And of course denial.

But as is usually the case, once I calmed down, I looked back and analyzed my behavior in recent months. And I realized the truth in his statement.

I am emotionally volatile….quick to feel sadness and quicker still to shed tears. [And I’m not even a crier, lol. I may be the only female who doesn’t cry at weddings or funerals.]

And so I spent two full days in isolation. In contemplation. Doing self-analysis.

It came to me then……I’ve gone off track. I’ve forgotten the basic tenets of my religion.

I’m focused on my SELF when I should be focused on the ATMA….the soul that is eternal, free, independent, and detached from everything.

2019 is around the corner.

And I’m ready to TURN THE CORNER.

Stay tuned….and stay blessed!