My Pigmentation Problem & Dermatologist Tips [Quarantine Day 41]

Growing up, I had spotless facial features – barely any acne even in my teen years, and absolutely no freckles or other spots. 

This photo is from 2011 – sans brown spot and sans a ton of wrinkles too, lol.

Then right around the time, 50 was closing in, bam, a brown spot showed up below my right eye. Upon closer inspection, I found it wasn’t a single spot but a collection of several tiny brown spots. They were so close together that they looked like one irregular oval spot. I’m not even a sun-worshipper [How can I be when I don’t need a tan since my skin is naturally tanned? Haha].

And yet there it was, a sunspot, brown spot or as I call it the bane-of-my-existence-spot! Can you see it in the photo below?

Can you see the spot below my right eye? This photo is from 2015.

It was so much darker than my skin that people thought it was a bruise. [Some people even though I’d created an artificial beauty mark, lol, duh!]

I tried every over the counter and prescription medicine for it – from brown spot removal creams to serums and masks and even chemical peels and microdermabrasion treatments. Nothing worked.

The spot remained as is without even the slightest improvement. Makeup didn’t hide it either – unless I wanted to audition for the part of a clown, lol. I looked into laser treatments but I was told that the lasers used in the US weren’t meant for people with brown skin. Thus, I was resigned to the fact that my brown spot was here to stay, and that even death wouldn’t part us.

Then while getting a chemical peel in Mumbai, the dermatologist asked me if I’d considered laser treatment to remove my brown spot. I told her my saga & she told me about the Q-switched laser. Apparently the Q-switched laser machine in India was not biased against my brown skin [which kinda makes sense]. So right there and then, I got my 1st spot removal laser treatment. To my disappointment, it didn’t fully remove the spot, but it did significantly lighten it.

This was in 2017. It’s much lighter but it’s still visible if you look closely.

Since then, during my annual trip to Mumbai, I have a date with a Q-Switched laser the day I land and the day I’m leaving. Now, 5 years later, although it’s not fully gone [yet], it’s significantly lighter and almost invisible with makeup.

I think one more trip to India will take care of it – universe-willing in Jan 2021. And in the interim, I now use these dermatologist-recommended products to avoid future pigmentation problems.

  1. Vitamin C – 500 mg twice a day
  2. A 50 SPF face cream on the face twice a day – morning and night. I splurged on Dr. Hauscha’s Rose Day Cream for my night cream but during the day, it’s full-on sunscreen protection.
  3. And every morning, I apply a Vitamin C serum – the best of the best on the market – SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic.


Bottom-line? In only 45 days, I can see the difference in my skin tone. My understanding [from my most recent visit with the dermatologist] is that ingesting and applying Vitamin C helps curb redness in and under the facial skin.

The brown spot is still visible to me when I’m not wearing makeup but at least it’s significantly lighter than before. Soon, it will be gone.

P.S. The laser treatment is not inexpensive, even in USD, but to me it’s so worth it.

P.P.S. I’m not a medical professional and this blog is about my own pigmentation problem and the solution I found for it.

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