The Atma or The Self (Softcover)


The Atma or the Self is a daily journal to enourage you to deepen your relationship with your atma, through Jainism fundamentals that apply to every aspect of life. Every section includes blank pages so that you can jot down your thoughts and action plans. So whether you’re looking for daily spiritual guidance, inspiration, encouragement, motivation, or a simple road-map to liberate the atma (soul) you’ll find it here in The Atma or the Self.

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The Atma or The Self is a simply-designed interactive journal that explains key Jainism concepts in bite-sized chapters. Inside, you will find themed sections on Jainism fundamentals such as….Karma, Ahimsa, The Four Passions, Non-Attachment, Non-Possession, Moksha.

Filled with quotes, questions for reflection, examples and stories, and blank pages to make notes and jot down thoughts, The Atma or the Self  is sure to grow your self-awareness and increase peace of mind.

When used daily for self-reflection and meditation, this book will bring happiness. Soon instead of asking “Why me God?”, you will start saying (and believing) “Thank you God.”