The Vegetarian Indian-Fusion Weight Loss Plan

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Diets are temporary. Losing pounds requires transforming eating habits. And enjoying what we eat while doing so is how we can keep them the pounds off forever. This book provides east-meets-west fusion recipes which will enable weight loss and increase overall wellness.

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Most diets fail because we’re forced to eat foods that we don’t enjoy. But when we eat the foods we enjoy and can still lose weight, our eating habits change forever. That’s what this book is all about – eating delicious food while losing pounds.

With this compact guide, there’s no figuring out what to eat everyday. It includes:

  • Daily Meal Plans
  • Easy-to-Prepare Fusion Recipes
  • Tips to Improve Overall Wellness

A healthy body is only as healthy as a healthy mind. And that’s why this book also includes wellness tips to train the mind and find peacefulness.

Buy this book and transform into a healthier you with gradual weight loss and changed eating habits that will become your lifestyle.