(Re) Finding Enthusiasm for Life

Life would be so sweet if everything was just easy-peasy! No in-law or kid problems, spouses that are obedient [and subservient], family and friends who aren’t demanding, and bosses who weren’t asses….

ahhh…that would surely be paradise, wouldn’t it?

But let’s face it, life just ain’t that easy! Sigh!

We all face various types of Lifstackles [Life+obstacles] that have a way of suctioning out our enthusiasm and positivity.

But hey, we’ve gotta play the hand we’ve been dealt.

And so I follow this simple, four-step program to remain enthusiastic and positive, even when I’m in the midst of dodging life’s colossal curveballs….and trust me they’re everywhere and coming everyday…..lol.

  • Do something you love. One of my favorite activities is reading. I am a readaholic and I read even when I’m cooking, exercising, doing the dishes, folding the laundry….you get the point, I “read” at every opportunity I get because it’s something I love. And when we do something we love, even if for just a few minutes, it changes our mood for the better.
  • Practice self-compassion. I’m the hardest on myself, beating myself up for everything that I do wrong. I also feel deep regret that I’m unable to change some of my bad habits. But after practicing meditation and sitting in silence to become more self-aware for over a year, I’ve learned that forgiving myself for my fallibility is important to maintain my mental peace.  And by practicing self-compassion, I am able to move forward.

  • Count blessings. Our tendency is to focus on the problems. Seldom do we focus on our blessings.  That’s called missing the big picture or not seeing the forest for the trees. I’ve learned to pay more attention to all that’s going “right” in my life and less on all that’s going wrong or is wrong. “Perfection” is an illusion perpetuated by movies and now, social media.

  • Develop an attitude of gratitude. Going hand-in-hand with counting my blessings is expressing gratitude to God. Daily, my prayer ritual includes thanking God [and the Universe] for everything I have. And I’ve found that no problem is too big when we focus on it while in conversation with God.

I’m proof that gratitude increases our well-being.  I’m no weakling but for several years now, life has rocked me on my toes, and not in a good way, lol. Ever since I made gratitude my daily ritual, I’m more at peace. And I’m stronger mentally than I’ve ever been.

I’ve got only one life to live and I’m gonna make it count!

Your thoughts??