Transform Life!

Another year is coming to a close. Another new year approaches.

We could continue doing what we did….maintaining status quo…after all, why fix what ain’t broke?

Or…..perhaps we could do something different this year. Something self-empowering. Something to transform us.

We could BEGIN saying NO….to

  • that almost daily dose of dessert that doesn’t allow us to achieve our weight loss goals
  • invitations to attend parties & night outs…….you know the one I’m talking about? From people we have nothing in common with
  • that negative and whiny person in our life (we all have at least one of those, lol) who pollutes our mind with crap that we don’t even care about.

In short, we need to begin saying NO to people….to ourselves to stop excesses (food/drink)….to the drain on our energy… get the point.

Unfortunately, there’s not a one size that fits all way to learn how to say no.

For me, I started by asking myself these questions:

  • Is the new invitation going to result in a relationship worth the time [and emotional] commitment required?
  • What will I lose if I don’t go or gain if I choose to go?
  • Is that scoop of ice cream / extra large serving of pie worth the extra time needed on the treadmill?
  • Am I using my time to do what I want or to do or mostly doing what others want?
  • Could I use the free time to rest, relax, get to know myself better, paint, write, have a date night, etc. etc.?

The answers I got weren’t surprising. And so making the changes was also not that difficult. Also because I see my time on earth as a finite number. [That’s what happens when you get to middle-aged, lol.]

I declined invitations and began spending more time in solitude. I took a break from people and technology. I also took a lot of naps, spent hours meditating, spent hours in conversation with God and so on.

And my life has been transformed.

Just give it a try and see your life transform because…

In solitude, the mind gains strength and learns to lean upon itself.

~Laurence Sterne