True Rest for the Soul in 2021 [New year, new beginnings!]

2021 is here, finally! And the majority of the world is perhaps raring to go – to get caught up on everything that had been postponed in 2020 and that now needs attention.

But wait just a minute!!

After the year we’ve had, 2021 is not a catching-up year! It is a year for recovering and recuperating from the stressors of 2020. It is about achieving the mental peace which drowned in the fears and anxieties of 2020.

2021 is a year to find TRUE REST!

So, I’m not talking about spending the year on the couch, in front of the TV.

I’m talking about finding true rest – the kind our soul needs. Because 2020’s negativity has warped our souls. And drained it of its calm.

And so rest is the only way to restore our soul’s spiritual health. And although true rest requires discipline and real intent, you’ll find it, if you:

  1. Give yourself a daily timeout. Find a quiet space, away from the noise of the environment, projects, and people surrounding you. Simply be and allow the quiet to soothe your soul.
  2. Keep a journal or diary – share your innermost feelings with yourself. Relieve the stress and frustration by talking to the most trustworthy being of all – yourself!
  3. Listen to spiritual or uplifting talks or read books on those topics. The mind needs positive food too. Say no to the news and negative people.
  4. Practice laughter therapy – Youtube has many videos – all you need is a short clip where one person starts laughing and suddenly you’ll be too.
  5. Take naps and sleep in a bit longer. The work and projects ain’t going anywhere!

Happy 2021 everyone! Be safe, be healthy, and be good to yourself this year!

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