Uplifting Thoughts to Help Us [Quarantine Day 12]

This is a difficult time for the entire world. Being in quarantine is hard, so, so hard! It’s Day 12 of quarantine for some of us and there’s no end in sight. And it’s natural to be fearful cause we just don’t know where this will land.

So today, I just want to share some positive, uplifting thoughts and hope they bring strength to you.

Relax, it’s just the darkness before the sunrise

Look around you and think of all the beautiful things to come.

Let your imagination go wild cause it will take you into the “Harry Potter like ” fantastical.

Loneliness can help us dream better.

Times are tough right now but like the flowing waters, this too shall pass.

Stay strong, this too shall pass.

Just like our failures don’t define us, neither shall this pandemic!! We will come out on top of this too!

We’re ALL going to be better than good in the end.

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