Wanderlust is me [Quarantine Day 30]

During this lockdown, we may not be able to travel but the lockdown can’t stop us from dreaming, can it? Things will soon be back to normal again, fingers & toes crossed!

Until they do, join me on some virtual journeys that can become real trips, once the world’s grand opening occurs.

Newfoundland – Totally reminded me of the vistas of Switzerland!

I’ve had wanderlust forever!  The excitement I feel at the thought of experiencing the culture and heritage of a new destination is indescribable. So whenever I have time, I explore destinations and add them to my list of places to go.

Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.” ~Jack Kerouac

Newfoundland, Canada is one such place that looks incredibly beautiful. Its breathtaking landscape includes mountains, valley’s, fjords, ponds and waterfalls and icebergs, and humpback whales and thousands of miles of unspoiled natural coastline.

Now we prefer to sleep in and relax before venturing out sightseeing but when we get to Newfoundland, we’ll be up at whatever time we need to because being able to see the first sunrise ever seen in North America would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

“O Sunlight! The most precious gold to be found on Earth.” ~Roman Payne

We, humans, love a good encounter with nature – perhaps that’s why we get excited to catch even a single glimpse of majestic mammals like humpback whales, and even if it is only for a few seconds. In Newfoundland, the world’s largest population of humpback whales return each year along with 21 other species of whales and dolphins. What a sight they’d be!

Whales and dolphins and so much more along the thousands of ocean miles.

I want to see icebergs – even though I know they’re a result of the global warming we’ve created. Experiencing their vastness and magnificence would be humbling and awe-inspiring, knowing they’re 10,000+ years old.

90% of the icebergs found in Newfoundland/Labrador come from Greenland glaciers that are 10,000+ years old.

We’ve been to Niagara Falls in Canada umpteen times, given our proximity to it. And we’ve seen numerous other waterfalls, like the Rhine Falls in Switzerland, the La Fortuna waterfall in Costa Rica, and the Tahquamenon Falls right here in Michigan to name just a few. But waterfalls are naturally beautiful and you can’t help but want to see them and take photos of them. And there are incredible waterfalls to be seen and pictured in Newfoundland.

Every waterfall has a message – falling can be beautiful too!

So Newfoundland it will be….not this summer as there’ll be much to catch-up on locally when this lockdown ends, but next summer is a definite possibility.

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