What Silence Taught Me [#spirituality #spiritual #spiritualawakening #spiritualjourney]

If you’ve read some of my earlier posts or follow me on Instagram, you’ve read about the transformational journey I’ve been on over the past few years.

And one of the activities I undertook during my journey was giving myself a daily timeout.

Initially it was only for a few minutes each day. But over time, as I began enjoying the time away from all the noise and distractions of life, I spent hours in the quiet of my room.

The silence rested my mind and calmed my thoughts. And through the silence, I felt as if the universe was guiding me out of the long night of darkness that spanned over three years.

But silence and isolation aren’t easy to undertake. Because we humans fear silence. We’re so conditioned to being with people, being in touch with others, being constantly in motion and in communication, that silence makes us all nervous.

But I’ve found that silence is a master healer. And an expert teacher.

Below are my learnings from the time I spent and continue to spend, in self-imposed timeouts.

Contentment: I used to be a Type-A personality (Gosh, it feels so good to say “used to”. I used to have this over-abundance of energy. I loved being busy and doing things and meeting people and just constantly being on the go. But spending time alone, I realized that there was real contentment within me. Not only was I was happy with who I was and what I had, I also felt no desire for anything more.

Simplicity: My life had become quite complicated with drama, arguments, and wants. But silence taught me that I really didn’t need all that I had. I began cooking and eating simple meals that were reminiscent of my childhood, pared down my closet to half its original size, and curtailed most of my social activities. I also shut down all my business ventures. I didn’t need all those frills. In fact, I didn’t need all that much.

Self-Control: In addition to being Type-A, I used to also be super emotional – wearing my feelings on my sleeve and anger and frustration on the tip of my nose. Silence taught me self-control. It taught me to curb my tongue and let go of the things that angered or frustrated me. It taught me patience. And it taught me to control my thoughts to the extent that no painful memories or events are allowed to if they sneak in, linger.

And finally, silence also taught me the value of words – speak as little as possible and measure every word uttered.

Lest you think I’m destined for sainthood, let me also assure you that I’m far from that, lol.

Cause, I am still passionate about undertaking new projects and executing new ideas. But now, I no longer focus on the outcomes and that eliminates the frustration and anxiety that come with doing new things.

I’m still attached to my loved ones. I’m just no longer as emotional over things that happen, or don’t.

And I still enjoy the finer things in life. But overall, I live a pretty simple life.

Most importantly, I’ve come to realize that I have no real “wants” in my life.

Silence is also the universe’s guiding light. It shifts our focus from the “external” to the “internal”. It urges us look deep within, and empowers us listen to what our inner self is telling us.

Silence helps us meet and connect with atma/soul.

Have you experienced silence yet?

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