A Happiness Life Hack that works

Written by Nipa Shah

Life hacks are plain and simple shortcuts to living a more “efficient” life.

In this fast-paced world, it is important to learn ways to become efficient, to get more work done in the least amount of time possible.  From automation to time-blocking techniques, hacks have a positive impact on our lives.

I love life hacks because they tap into my general OCD tendencies. I especially love “organization” hacks because I am a fanatic at putting everything in its own place. [And I’m so good at organizing that sometimes even I can’t find where I put something, lol.

Then there are happiness-life-hacks – they are just what the name suggests: life hacks that help us increase joy and contentment.

And IMHO, the following is single-most important happiness-hack to help on your way to happiness:

Redesign Your Mindset

We are what we think. 100% of the time. And the way we think about ourselves and our lives and the world around us impacts how we live our lives. To be happier, all we have to do is think differently – or rather, redesign our mindset.

And the process? It’s simple and easy and all it requires is a commitment to change.

  1. Cut negative thoughts out before they fully form by learning meditation and deep breathing.

  2. Take control of the mind. It cannot tell you what to think – you tell it what it should focus on.

  3. Stop looking back. Forget the past and all the mistakes that were made, it doesn’t matter! What matters is now and so learn mindfulness techniques to stay in the now.

  4. Feel grateful and show gratitude. Focus on what you have and give thanks for it, every second of the day.

  5. Forgive everyone. Yes, even those who have hurt you, aren’t there for you, and won’t be there for you ever. Let it all go.

  6. Manifest your new reality. Speak positive, think positive, be positive. Manifest your new, better, happier reality by putting good words and vibes into the large universe.

Life is not easy. Relationships can be especially difficult. The world can be cruel and society hurtful.

All these cause unhappiness. But that unhappiness can be temporary, when we learn ways to cope with challenges and build skills to withstand adversities.

So let’s all find inner peace by focusing inward.

Cause in the end, only thing that matters is being at peace with ourselves. And that is what joyful living is all about.

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