Impermanence (Anitya)

Written by Nipa Shah

Anitya means nothing is permanent!

All living beings are perishable and all material things in the universe are transitory.

And everything is in a constant state of change.

This impermanence applies to everything:

  • our body — which changes with age and disease
  • our relationships — with our friends and families
  • our circumstances — with the rise and fall of our wealth, status, and reputation

It has been one of the most challenging of times. The uncertainty has been very stressful for many. But remember, the human race has faced many such calamities, natural disasters, wars, and uncertainties. And we’re still here.

And that’s why what has been happening in the world since 2020 is also transitory. It’s not here to stay permanently. Sure, it’s taking a damn long minute to leave, but leave it will.

To gain mental peace, we must understand and remember this state of anitya (impermanence). We also need to learn strategies to cope with fear and anxiety that arise when unexpected changes happen around us.

Meditation, listening to spiritual discourses, reading positive stuff (not the news), staying off social media platforms, and being in touch with loved ones (friends and family) are some simple and easy ways to gain control of the fear and anxiety caused by our thoughts.

The stock market will rebound. Inflation will subside. Gas prices will once again be back to earth ($.99/gallon is my vibe to the universe, lol).

And most importantly, we humans will be nice to each other again.

Bottom line: The universe will right itself, when the time is right.

And we, the human race, will emerge stronger and better.

But while we’re waiting, lets not allow allow stress and anxiety to eat up what can be a wonderful time to rest, relax, and rejuvenate.

Instead, let’s spend more time with our loved ones. Let’s take the time to get fit and eat better. Let’s learn a new skill (dancing for me), or master an existing one (writing more books).

Let’s learn to be kind to ourselves (in addition to being kind to others).

I’ve stopped watching the news. I “play” very little on social media these days (and am seriously considering getting off them for good). And one of the biggest changes I’ve made in recent years is spending time with myself.

Anitya is real. Change is inevitable.

Stay focused on these two facts.

And when hardships come your way, remember that THIS TOO SHALL PASS! Because, every problem has an expiration date!

Happy New Year! May 2023 be the universe’s best year ever!

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