A born-and-raised in India girl who landed in the US with nothing more than a Bachelor’s degree, I can truly say that I live in the land of dreams.

I don’t fit the “conventional” definition of an “Indian American female”. I’m too assertive, too bold, and way too outspoken, lol.  After spending over two decades in corporate America, I gave up the security of a 9-5 job and dipped my toes in the uncertain waters of entrepreneurship. Along the way, I swam sometimes and sank at other…..but I always learned something new and I never gave up on “creating”.

I’m a voracious reader and I also love to write. [From letters to emails to notes to books and blogs and scripts, I love to write and would write all day if I had the time.] I am also passionate about a multitude of unrelated things – music, spiritual living, cooking, and offering a listening ear to those who just need to vent.

I make films to raise awareness about social issues. And I also teach at a local university (IT & Marketing). I created a leadership development program for youth and offer it through my non-profit Mindshiftu.com.

I believe that we all have the power to change our own lives. I also believe that there is nothing we can’t do if we make up our minds to do. This mindset, determination, and a super-positive attitude has led to rich experiences.

My blog’s purpose is simply to take you along as I journey through life – exploring, learning, and finding happiness!

Random facts about me that may or may not interest you

  1. I don’t fear failure.
  2. The power of the universe trumps everything.
  3. The fragrance of lemon grass makes my senses dance.
  4. I can spend hours reading in bed.
  5. I’m a life-long, forever, vegetarian. [And yes, I eat dairy because you don’t have to kill a cow to get milk.]
  6. I had $20 when I first came to the United States.
  7. My desire (and plan) is to visit 50 countries before I turn the big SIX OH. [I’ve been to 27, so only 23 more to go.]
  8. Rainstorms fascinate me. [I’m the one sitting on the porch swing in a thunderstorm.]
  9. I’m emotionally quite sensitive. [You’d never guess if you’ve met me over an argument.]
  10. In a future birth, I plan (hope/pray) to be a man.
  11. I have a super GREEN thumb & plants fill my home.
  12. My two favorite destinations: Michigan and Mumbai.
  13. I know my life’s purpose – to be happy.
  14. The mind makes us unhappy. I don’t listen to my mind.
  15. I’d like to meet the Dalai Lama one-on-one.
  16. I desperately wish I could sing.
  17. I cannot go to bed without flossing my teeth. Ever!
  18. I might make a Bollywood film someday.
  19. I love technology and cannot imagine living in the dark ages.
  20. I used to be super impatient. Now I’m only slightly
  21. I love the ocean.
  22. Chocolate covers all my food groups.
  23. Attitude is everything.
  24. I love meeting people. [I hope to meet you.]
  25. My faith has been severely tested but I’ve yet to give up on God. [I think SHE hasn’t given up on me either.]